‘Niche’: New 2017 Out-of-the-Box Tourism and Destination Development Agency


Call for 2017: New for 2017, starting this coming January, ‘Niche’ is looking for ten of the UKs most innovative tourism student minds to join a new, exclusive tourism and destination development agency, as a ‘Niche Development Consultant’.

Background: Technology and novel sensory urban experiences have been, and continue to play a vital role in the experience economy. This is a trend which pledges to stick around for sometime, which invariably, and inevitably, means cities and towns-alike will continue to adopt new destination management and tourism marketing strategies in order to remain competitive. But there is so much left to explore! The optimum and innovative uses of sensory experience (e.g. touch, light, sound) has been left relatively unexplored by those responsible for tourism. Niche intends to research and develop new, novel experiences that will, in the coming years, serve to enliven the senses across the visitor economy.

Core objectives:

  1. Research and understand the efficacy of, and apply, the most novel and ground breaking technologies and marketing methods to enhance the sensory experience of visitors and effectively development digital image and footprint of urban and rural spaces. In creating new experiences, create new unique selling points affording them to stand out as both temporary and permanent spaces to visit in the modern day visitor economy.
  2. Integrate the visitor experience with hosting communities, connecting tourists and locals together to enhance the slow tourism offer. The creation of new, unique sensory experiences, affords a greater sense of place and cultural identity.
  3. Connects the brightest minds in tourism with real-life destination management and tourism marketing scenarios and problems to enhance the CV of the student, and to provide impactful outcomes for key tourism bodies, policy makers, and stakeholders.

How it works
:  If chosen, you will join one of five ‘research and development’ teams responsible for analysing global best practice and applied destination development and tourism marketing strategies.  From augmented reality to the uses of scents, lights, to create unique sensory visitor experiences, you will be at the forefront of innovative practice.

For any questions, and to apply, email Mike @ Michael.Duignan@anglia.ac.uk and include the following:

  • Subject title: #Niche [your name]
  • 200 word description of yourself (or even better, a 2 minute video) including who you are, where you study, your favourite aspect of tourism management/development, what interested you to apply for ‘Niche’, and why would you be an asset to the team?





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