Research, Academic, and Wider Generic Professional Development (Advice and Resources)

Researcher development

Misc resources, tips and talks for researcher development

Research skills

Business Research Methods University Module (Week 1 – 12):

Academic and Professional Skills Development

Full Academic Skills Module (2015/2016/2017)

  • Week 1 – 12 (includes communication skills, research, presentation, writing, time management, critical thinking, case study analysis etc) – Click for all slides

Critical Thinking and Writing Skills

Presentation Skills

  • Piero Vitelli’s – challenges and fears of presenting, and tips for effectiveness (and bringing passion on to the stage…)


Digital Literacy

Whether PhD, post-doc or established researcher, we all want to tell the world about what we are doing. If not, we fail to get external recognition, validity and critique on and for our work. Traditional, often dyadic forms of communication (i.e. academic journals / conferences) are the major routes for dissemination; however technology is simply changing the way we ‘get our research out there’ and develop our own academic profile/brand/presence. Becoming a digital researcher, and working more in the cloud is increasingly important for all the above; particularly in the social sciences.


Career Planning for University Students



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