x2 talks about “Becoming a Digital Scholar” at Jobs.ac.uk and Anglia Ruskin (2014)


Prezi: https://prezi.com/mra0qvezrfeq/digital-scholarship-is-it-all-worth-it/

Part 1: https://myplayer.anglia.ac.uk/Player/3064

Part 2: https://myplayer.anglia.ac.uk/Player/3065

Digital technologies are having a profound change on a number of industries, and academia is no different. From the way we consume news, to the emergence of virtual academic institutions (e.g. Khan’s Academy) and rise of ‘Massive Open Online Courses’ – aka MOOC’s, tech is most certainly changing the academic game, but what does this mean? And are we, as individual academics, ready?

This workshop explores Prof Martin Weller’s concept of being ‘open, networked and digital’ (Weller, 2012); reflecting on why we may need to shift our thinking to respond to externalities, and how exactly may such an online-social shift affect the day-to-day operations of an academic. Is it feasible to fit it all in? We explore the concept of integrated social communications, highlight the range of freely available technologies out there and discuss how they may be used to complement the more conventional, well-established traditional routes of scholarly knowledge dissemination

Throughout we critically evaluate these somewhat time-consuming social exercises – are they really worth it?

There are well-established benefits (e.g. better dissemination; public engagement and network creation); but if we really want to change behaviour we must consider how far can this social shift can really help academics develop their profile, reputation and even contribute to traditional performance indicators for scholarly success – inc boosting research impact and publication citations?

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TALK 2: “ACADEMIC IN THE CLOUDS” by Mike Duignan and Ricardo Carolas

Prezi 1: https://prezi.com/7ej3nqhd98j1/becoming-a-digital-scholar-new-2014-rcds-programme/


Whether PhD, post-doc or established researcher, we all want to tell the world about what we are doing. If not, we fail to get external recognition, validity and critique on and for our work. Traditional, often dyadic forms of communication (i.e. academic journals and conferences) are the major routes for dissemination; however technology is simply changing the way we ‘get our research out there’ and develop our own academic profile/brand/presence. Becoming a digital researcher, and working more in the cloud is increasingly important for all the above; particularly in the social sciences.
In my workshop I explore the simple technologies offering the 21st century researcher to do just this. The Prezi is written in a simple, accessible language and offers a step-change for all those willing to embrace digital technologies.



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