“IIMP Scrum” Research Development Initiative and Special Interest Talks


1.0  Vision and purpose

The IIMP 2016 Scrum programme provides a platform for an informal and interdisciplinary series of insightful and high-level workshops and talks designed to develop career and research skills and expertise. Talks will be delivered by both ARU, LAIBS and expert external speakers. From deconstructing Toulmin’s (1958) theory of argumentation, to practical workshops on how to publish successfully @ 3 and 4* level; the IIMP Scrum (formally LAIBS Scrum) provides a platform to consider unique theories and perspectives, build social and professional networks, and share valuable expertise. And ends with a trip to the pub to continue the conversation…

The IIMP Scrum philosophy…

  • Be relevant to today’s research agenda…
  • Be fun and engage with the audience…
  • Broadly develop internal research skills and experience, and career development…
  • Be general enough to appeal to a broad range of academic disciplines…

2.0  Format

Speakers have anywhere between 20 – 80 minutes (with space for Q+A if needed!), and IIMP SCRUM 2016can deliver their session in any format they wish, from plenaries, experiential workshops, right through to gameshow format. All talks to take place in the Harvard Room (LAB109), light refreshments and snacks to be provided, and will be recorded in HD to be part of future researcher development in the faculty. All talks to take place between 16:30-18:00.

All speakers to provide:

  • Catchy title (a must!)
  • Punchy 50-80 word blurb around a) what the talk is about, and b) what you want to audience to know by the end…
  • How the talk embodies the IIMP Scrum philosophy (around 100 words)
  • Short and sweet 50 word bio
  • Picture (of themselves or the theme of the talk!)
  • X3 potential dates and times they can do on the first Wednesday of the month between the times of 4-6 (this is the optimum time to have talks as lectures tend not to have classes!).

IIMP Scrum 2016 prog (Jan – June)


IIMP TALK – From Tweeds to Tweets, the 21st century digital researcher (23 April, 2014)

The art of being right – Imko




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