“Researcher X-Change” Programme: Supporting PhD and ECR Researcher Development

2014-2015 Researcher X-Change – The conceptSpring-Researcher-X-Change

The Concept – Researcher X-Change – 2014-2015

The Launch Programme (5 June, 2013)

The ‘Researcher X-Change’ series is an opportunity for all Cambridge and Chelmsford LAIBS PhD researchers to share insights about their research, either from a general perspective or with regard to a specific part of their research, i.e. methodology, in order to seek different perspectives and expert feedback.

How the series will work

There will be a programme of four events split over the yearly seasonal periods: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. All PhD researchers will be given an opportunity to talk briefly about their research in front of LAIBS’s thriving research community and an expert panel of academics, who will provide constructive feedback, useful resources and guidance advices on all aspects of your research.

The series will be particularly useful for those who are:

  • At the beginning of their research,  looking for expert guidance
  • Wishing to facilitate conversations with other academics, in order to share academic expertise, literature sources and research ideas
  • Considering OR preparing to present at a conference, or in preparation for the Viva
  • Hoping to submit an article on their research findings
  • Wishing to develop their presentation and communication skills
  • Hoping to develop their academic presence and potential for academic collaboration both internally and externally

Enhancement through media

Given the rise of technology to further dissemination of research; create virtual networks and an online academic presence, in addition to the practical benefits as highlighted above; we will be recording all presentations, for two key objectives:

1)      To build a bank of online, video and podcasting resources that can be used as a ways of showcasing PhD research and talent, serve as a reflective tool for current Ruskin researchers and a learning tool for future researchers

2)      To enhance the online presence, dissemination and potential collaboration between PhDs and the wider academic community.








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