Slow tourism and Cambridge, UK: opportunity and methodology (University of Bergamo, Italy)

Updated 2018 presentation here:

2014 Conference Programme and poster: 4 march Programme_ENG_25_02ppt


A visual-contextual analysis will introduce the audience to the perspective of ‘Cambridge – a city with great international appeal, strong industry (particularly in the sciences, technology, education and retail), and vibrant local economy. Following this, Michael will present a current analysis of Cambridge’s diverse, alternative ‘locally’ focused and experiential tourism offering; a critical analysis of opportunities and challenges for tourism in the city; and key local ‘social actors’ and potential project stakeholders. Key conclusions as to how and why Cambridge may benefit from ‘slow-tourism’ will close this section.

Mike, talk in Italy

After setting the scene, Michael will then explore the importance of the Visiting Friends and Family (VFR) tourism market for University cities, highlighting the potential behavioral tendencies of this demographic for engaging with the ‘locale’, and visit for longer periods of time than that of the average tourist. With Cambridge home to Anglia Ruskin University, the University of Cambridge, and over 30 English language schools, Michael highlights the lucrative nature of VFR – an area that we wish to study further.

In the final part of the talk, Michael talks methodology – reviewing specifically how GPS tracking may prove to be a suitable technique to more closely understand tourism behaviour and practice tourism. To close, he will present findings from his research from the London 2012 Olympics around exploring digital technologies for engaging with closed networked communities e.g. local businesses and residents as a part of Cambridge’s ‘slow tourism’ local engagement strategy.

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