‘Gamifying the visitor economy and New Urban Tourism’ (talk at Tourism Management Institute ‘Hot Topic’ conference)

Link to TMI Hot Topic Conference: https://www.tmi.org.uk/files/uploads/docs/HT%202018%20Programme%20April%2012(1).pdf

Click here for our full Prezi presentation: https://prezi.com/wauepcvtod1_/lets-go-off-the-beaten-track-tourism-management-institute-hot-topic-2018-may-18th-by-dr-michael-duignan-lorraine-turner-and-dr-jan-storgards/


Michael Duignan, Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow, Anglia Ruskin University
Lorraine Turner, YoYo Lets Go and Dr Jan Storgards, Anglia Ruskin University This workshop will look at ways in which destinations can increase visitor dwell times
and take visitors away from dependency on the honey pot sites. How can digital
platforms and GPS be used to create easy-to-use and fun routes and itineraries,
taking visitors off the beaten track and spreading the benefits of visitors. Mike
Duignan will set the scene, Jan Storgards will discuss the integration of gamification
into the urban environment and Lorraine Turner will demonstrate a new and
innovative visitor app which is gaining traction in Cambridge.

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