PhD, Early Career and Senior Researcher Writing Retreats 2019-2020

With the launch of our new tour experience company: ‘Tiptoe’ ( and years of experience leading the UK Government’s Research Council (UK) funded ‘Vitae’ Researcher Development programme, I’m keen to fuse structured, semi-structured and flexible writing retreats with unique and inspiring destinations to give you a writing retreat you’ll never forget.

Although predominantly for business and management academics (including, for example sector studies like tourism, events, sports, hospitality, transport et cetera), we also welcome other subject specific groups from the arts, humanities and social sciences.

If you’re interested, drop us a line via email: to talk about your interests, requirements, costings and logistics. We will be able to offer a writing retreat you’ll never forget at an affordable rate for different lengths, depending on your requirements. You can also visit for a full list of current writing retreats for PhDs, early career and advanced academics. 

Example programme

x5 days, social programme, 3 course meals and unlimited soft and hot drinks supplied everyday, up to 7 hours of writing / writing related activity. Single room with private bathroom. Example price: approximately £279 for 5 days (TBC). 

Key writing themes include:

  • Writing for publication
  • Developing a publication strategy
  • Writing and developing funding bids
  • Beginner/intermediate/advanced writing skills
  • Writing up your PhD
  • 1-1 writing professional advice and professorial mentor for your PhD / publications
  • Transforming your PhD into publications
  • PhD to 1st university post: Preparing your application and/or interview
  • Advancing in Academia: Crafting a career strategy (for Lecturers/Senior Lecturers/Principal Lecturers/Assistant and Associate Professors).

Example destinationsLibrary-at-the-University-Arms-hotel-6256e09

We have very good relationships with world class venues to bring you a writing experience you will never forget. For example:

Cambridge – pictured to the right at the newly renovated University Arms Hotel (England) and Oxford (England), Scottish Highlands and Distillery (Scotland), Snowdonia/cabin by the lake (Wales), Chateaux on the continent (France, Poland et cetera). Our networks extend across Europe, so if there is a particular location of interest, let us know.











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