#TokyoZones – A Marie Curie Funded Project (2019 – 2021)

Hello and welcome to Mike’s official space for all things related to the #TokyoZones project. If you’d like more information on the project, please email: Mike.Duignan@coventry.ac.uk.

What is #TokyoZones?

#TokyoZones is a new European Union ‘Marie Curie’ funded research prTokyoZonesoject looking at urban, place, tourism and regional development issues in the lead up, live staging and legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (hereafter referred to as ‘Tokyo 2020’). It serves to extend Mike and Prof David McGillivray’s work on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the #RioZones project.

#TokyoZones represents one project under the umbrella of the ‘EventRights’ project led by Dr Ian Brittain and Dr Rui Biscaia at Coventry University.

[Introduction video coming soon]. 

Partners/co-authors of #TokyoZones

  • Prof Sally Everett, Kings College London
  • Prof Simon Down, University of Birmingham
  • Prof David McGillivray, University West of Scotland
  • Dr Andrew Smith, University of Westminster
  • Dr Ilaria Pappalepore, University of Westminster
  • Dr Danny O’Brien, Bond University.

What will #TokyoZones specifically look at?

Mike will be visiting Japan x3 times in the next 3 years for a month at a time. Each year represents a different phase of the research: Phase 1: Planning Tokyo 2020, Phase 2: Live Staging of Tokyo 2020, and Phase 3: The Legacy of Tokyo 2020. Each phase has a different research focus – see details below.

Phase 1: Planning Tokyo 2020

Research Question 1: How is Japan seeking to leverage Tokyo 2020 to drive international tourist and destination development? And, more locally, how is Tokyo city seeking to do the same at the ‘host city’ level?

Research Question 2: How, conceptually and practically is Japan and Tokyo 2020 attempting to plan to leverage and operationalise ‘Omotenashi’ as part of hospitality offer and overall visitor welcome?

Research Question 3: How is local food/drink represented and leveraged as part of country’s destination image and host city offer to international tourists? Additionally, how are local food producers invited in to contribute to the planning and delivery of Tokyo’s Olympic project?

Research Question 4: How is social tourism planned for and practiced in the context of mega-sporting events? Specifically, how are deprived communities from within the host city or beyond the host nation encouraged to participate as Olympic tourists?

Research Question 5: How and why are disgruntled and/or excluded urban and rural communities engaging in communal resistance efforts? And, what exactly are the critical reasons for resistance?

Phase 2: Live Staging of Tokyo 2020

Research Question 1: How, in the lead-up to Tokyo 2020 and during the ‘live staging’ period, is the city zoning parts of the city to host official ‘Host Event Zones’, ‘Live Sites’ and other event stadia?

Research Question 2: What do Olympic tourists plan to do – and actually do – in the host city and beyond in the immediate periods before, during the ‘live staging’ period and immediately after?

Research Question 3: How are micro and small businesses (as well as local, entrepreneurial residents and communities) engaging in ‘opportunity recognition’ and ‘entrepreneurial leveraging’; in the lead-up and live staging of Tokyo 2020? And, what are the key enabling and constraining factors for local entrepreneurial leverage?

Research Question 4: Active immediately before and during the ‘live staging’ period: How and why are disgruntled and/or excluded urban and rural communities engaging in communal resistance efforts? And, what exactly are the critical reasons for resistance?

Phase 3: The Legacy of Tokyo 2020

Research Questions to be confirmed after Phase 1 and 2.


Planned outputs

  • #TokyoZones Twitter hashtag and updates to this #TokyoZones blog
  • ABS 3 – 4* journals. Specifically management and organisational science, marketing, tourism and events focused journals;
  • The Conversation articles;
  • Various policy and university talks;
  • Full video project documentary by December 2021.

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