Entrepreneurship Legacy for Deprived Host Communities (IOC Funded Project)


Final report to the International Olympic Committee (IOC): https://library.olympic.org/Default/doc/SYRACUSE/352567/more-than-transport-and-infrastructure-fostering-an-entrepreneurship-legacy-for-the-olympic-games-ly


Empowering local communities, and fostering social entrepreneurship to encourage effective leveraging of the Olympic Games sits at the heart of this IOC proposal. The project comprises a systematic analysis of the skills, knowledge, competencies, and networks required to effectively foster legacy social entrepreneurship in deprived host city communities for positive socio-economic benefits for local people (Phase 1). The project will then empirically examine all knowledge created and use apriori themes by working with over 200 young social entrepreneurs at the heart of two known deprived communities: London (Hackney) and Rio (Prazeres). Phase 1 (secondary) and Phase 2 (primary) findings will then be synthesised to create the ‘Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) Legacy Framework’ – a core output of this proposal. We will build a rigorous and inspiring tangible set of resources to share the YSE Legacy Framework and related learning outcomes effectively including i) 3 minute high quality video, ii) short informational guide, iii) x10 individual youth social entrepreneur profiles, and iv) x2 x2 hour workshops at the heart of London and Rio’s deprived communities. As detailed in Section 4.1, and across the proposal, significant emphasis will be placed on conceptual and empirical rigour, alongside commitment to an ambitious academic, industry, policy and practice dissemination and impact strategy including actions with targeted scholarly communities and policymakers. We believe our experienced, interdisciplinary, international team of internal and external research collaborators are ideal to generate high quality academic outputs and contributions, whilst simultaneously maximising the practical and policy outcomes of this proposal to generate positive change for young people in Olympic cities.

Field trip to the International Olympic Committee in 2018

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