Mike is an internationally recognised scholar analysing the social and economic impacts and legacies of events and festivals of all sizes. Click here for Mike’s biography and portfolio.

LEGACY CONSULTANCY works closely with event directors and organisers; DMOs; NGOs; government bodies, policy makers and local authorities; and local community to identify ways to maximise the social and economic contribution of events at a local/regional/national level.

I offer four turnkey solutions:

  • In-depth impact modelling and evaluation reporting using advanced research and evaluation techniques to capture the social and economic value of local, regional and national sports and cultural events.
  • 1-1 tailored strategic and operational event/festival plans to identify how to maximise social and economic value, specific to local contexts.
  • Utilising 1) and 2) above to work with organisers to ‘make the case’ and/or strengthen existing justifications for the continued or increased funding and support of event/festivals.
  • Bring together 1), 2) and 3) to produce a public and media engagement plan to build the event’s local/regional/national presence, based on the analysis completed.

If you would like to talk through what LEGACY CONSULTANCY can do for you, email Mike using the contact form below:

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