Writing retreats: UK and USA – Summer 2021

Every year, in the UK (Cambridge) and USA (Chicago), we will be hosting a writing retreat primarily for PhDs and Early Career Researchers studying sector studies (tourism, events, leisure, sports, hospitality), management, organisational and development studies.

All writing retreats are not-for-profit and any profit made goes toward a fund/grant scheme to pay for and/or subsidise places for those who are unable to afford a full place.

We will focus primarily on the following areas:

1) Writing your thesis
2) Publishing from your thesis
3) Executing high quality empirical work: qualitative and quantitative
4) Writing skills and writing for publication
5) Crafting a publication plan for 1) your first position, 2) advancing in academia, and 3) toward tenure.

Writing retreats will be led by Dr Mike Duignan, Reader in Events at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey (UK) and supported by leading authors and Professors in our field.

Interested in joining our Summer 2021 writing retreats in either the UK (Cambridge) or USA (Chicago) – email Mike.Duignan@coventry.ac.uk to register your interest. We do not have dates set for 2021 due to COVID-19, however, I will be able to provide approximate cost, duration, and format.

Our 2017 Writing Retreat at the University of Cambridge.

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