Events Consultancy: The Event Strategy & Impact Evaluation System

Utilising a 140+ key performance indicator, strategic planning and reporting system, Mike offers 1-1 strategic & impact evaluation consultancy for events and festivals of all shapes and sizes to help event owners & organisers realise the power and potential of their events for social & economic good. The system draws on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals & is based on Mike’s decade plus research & consultancy work.

Below I outline: 1) how the system works; 2) how I work with event owners & organisers to turn insights into ‘quick win’ tactics and longer-term ‘strategic interventions’, and; 3) why taking strategic & impact evaluation is increasingly important in today’s competitive events & festival environment. Interested? Email for an informal discussion.

1) The system’s five steps: 360 degree strategic & impact analysis

The system provides an in-depth analysis of 140+ key performance indicators covering social, economic & environmental event impacts & legacies.

2) 21 reasons why strategic & impact evaluation is increasingly important

This list is not exhaustive, but provides an overview of some key reasons why in-depth analysis, beyond what you may be currently doing, is critical for key performance indicators, inclusivity, sustainability & future growth of your event(s).

3) Collecting impact data through a rigorous set of qualitative, quantitative & big data methods

Today, there are more data sources than ever to triangulate together to provide a complete picture of your events’ social & economic impact & legacy.

4) Utilising the ‘Impact Canvasses’

Transform data insights into ‘quick win’ tactics & longer-term ‘strategic interventions’ to provide a return on investment to the consultancy I offer.

5) Evaluating impact is complex & multidimensional.

Understanding the impacts specific to your event is a critical success factor.