Field Configuring Events

“Utilizing Field Theory to Examine Mega-Event Led Development”

Duignan, M.B. (2022). Event Management.

Scholars and practitioners have long been analysing and evaluating the way events, particularly mega-events, serve as a mechanism of change. Powerful descriptions are typically brought to life via event impact and legacy case studies: yet, I argue such work can remain a-theoretical – or – conceptually disorganised. I draw on Bourdieu’s field theory and the management study of Field Configuring Events to develop a new analytical framework: the ‘Cognitive and Relational Mapping of Field Configuring Events’ – augmenting and offering a set of concepts to strengthen analysis and conceptual consistency between studies, whilst affording latitude to overlay different disciplinary perspectives. I detail methodological and conceptual advantages afforded alongside six ways the framework could be applied-and-extended across various cases and contexts.

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On Melting Summits: The Limitations of Field-Configuring Events as Catalysts of Change in Transnational Climate Policy (Academy of Management Journal, 2013).


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