‘Social Justice in Events’ talk series (2022)

The ‘Social Justice in Events’ talk series (2022) is a critical talk series examining human rights issues in the planning and delivery of major events. Over 140 people attended across four talks, x2 led by Dr Mike Duignan at the Observatory for Human Rights and Major Events (HaRM) and x2 led by Prof Alan Fyall at UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

Talk 1: Human trafficking in the events industry

The human trafficking industry is estimated to generate $150 billion annually, spanning across the world, energized by the power of globalization and the targeting of vulnerable populations. This expert panel will discuss current trends in trafficking around mega events. Led by panellists Dr. Alan Fyall, Jessica Wickey-Byrd, Tomas Lares, and Alan Wilkett.

Talk 2: Event diversity and inclusivity policies, practices and targets

The panel discussed policies, practices and targets related to making events more diverse and inclusive. Led by panellists Dr Yanning Li, Dr Jonathan Skinner, Dr Elizabeth Ashcroft (University of Surrey) and Dr Ubaldino Sequeira Couto (Macao Institute for Tourism Studies), chaired by Dr Mike Duignan (University of Surrey).

Talk 3: Accessibility and disability requirements at the Special Olympics 2022

This talk focused on the importance of attending to the needs and rights of disabled persons at events, delivered by David Zimmerman, the Director of Operations at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games and chaired by Prof Alan Fyall, UCF.

Talk 4: Migrant labour exploitation at Qatar 2022 World Cup

As we approach the Qatar 2022 World Cup, we critically examine labour exploitation issues in the planning stages, what Qatar is doing to tackle these issues, and the campaign work of global charity ‘It’s a Penalty’ on the ground in Qatar and for the live staging periods. The panel is led by Dr Mike Duignan the Director of the Observatory for Human Rights and Major Events (HaRM) at Surrey, alongside Philippa King who is the Campaign Director for Qatar 2022 World Cup at It’s a Penalty (Philippa). Niamh Walker, our local student contact who is leading IAP’s student ambassadors’ scheme at Surrey joined alongside Nasser Malkubaisi who is just finishing his PhD examining these issues.