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Organised guest lecture: “Building Community Capacity in Papua New Guinea Through Surfing” by Dr Danny O’Brien, Bond University, Australia (September, 2018)





Join our talk from Danny O’Brien (Bond University, Australia) who will discuss indigenous culture, sport participation and community capacity building in a developing country.
Danny O’Brien is an Associate Professor of Sport Management in the Bond Business School at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia. Danny is a graduate of Australian Catholic University and California State University, and in 2000, he completed a PhD in sport management at De Montfort University. Danny’s primary research interest is in sustainable sport tourism and its ability to contribute to community building in developing countries. His research has been undertaken in countries such as Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Fiji, and Indonesia. His work has been published in Journal of Sport Management; Sport Management Review; Annals of Tourism Research; European Journal of Marketing; Managing Leisure; Journal of Leisure Research; International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research; Journal of Place Management and Development; European Sport Management Quarterly; and, Journal of Sustainable Tourism. His other main research interests explore event leverage, and organisational change in sport. Each of Danny’s research areas shares a common sport-for-development thread and the aim to assist stakeholders in realising nation- and/or community-building outcomes from sport and/or events.